Martyr Men's Shirt
Martyr Men's Shirt
Martyr Men's Shirt
Martyr Men's Shirt
Martyr Men's Shirt

Martyr Men's Shirt

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Who doesn't like a good, colorful shirt? Especially when printed on both sides! That's why I helped design and get these shirts printed for the release of Martyr!

You'll become a walking piece of art with this stunning cathedral inspired printed T-Shirt. We designed and put together the artwork of Anastasia Solti to bring you a shirt that includes the album artwork of Lindsay Schoolcraft and Rocky Gray so you can own a piece of the “Martyr” era on a T-Shirt.

  • Silkscreen printed with album art of Lindsay on the front and Rocky Gray on the back
  • Printed on Gildan Soft Style, Ring Spun 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Handmade with love at Threads of Society in Peterborough, Ontario

Men's Shirts: Size, Width, Length
XXL: w 26", l 32"
XL: w 24", l 31"
L: w 22", l 30"
M: w 19", l 29"
S: w 18", l 28"

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